Landing Pages and Lead-Capture

So you're doing a great job of creating content and pushing it out to the right social media, email marketing and brand-building channels... The buzz is building and your site traffic is increasing... How do you capitalize on those efforts to create actionable leads?

One great way is to use gated landing pages that ask visitors to trade their basic info for access to your deeper levels of content. Essentially, you're giving them a tasty appetizer and then inviting them to opt-in for the full meal.

Our clients have had great success with putting eBooks and whitepapers behind gated landing pages that require minimal information from the visitor: Name, Company, Email address. Upon completion, they can click through to download the content and also will recieve a Thank You email with your company contact info and further call-to-action.

We can either work with your internal IT staff or web designer to set up the landing pages or we can turnkey the entire process and host the landing pages, with all of the new lead information emailed directly to you.