Contributed Articles

Contributed articles provide excellent mechanisms for presenting targeted aspects of your company's overall story in a context that is relevant to the readership of specific media outlets (e.g. trade magazines, on-line media, conferences, seminars). 

Contributed articles and papers have to avoid blatant sales-oriented messaging but they can be very useful for matching the client's technology approach to solving real-world problems. They also have the added benefit of positioning the authors and their companies as knowledgeable leaders in their particular industry segment.

Following are some examples of contributed articles I've written for various market segments.
(some for clients and others directly as a Contributing Editor).

"Optical Interconnects Penetrate Local Network Realm" for Cielo Communications for Electronic Design
"Super-scalable Network Processing" for AMCC
"Fending Off Data Degradation" - for Quality Magazine
"Designing for Next-generation Wireless Applications with SiGe" for CommQuest Technologies
"10Gigabit and Beyond in the MAN" for AMCC
"Integration of ASIC-based Traffic Management into Network Architectures" for Azanda Network Devices for Integrated Communications Design
"DSP and Compact PCI Integration" for Spectrum Signal Processing
"New-generation Multi-function IC Handlers" for Ismeca S.A.
"Selective Flux Jetting" for Asymtek/Nordson Corp.
"Selecting SPC Software" for Quality Magazine